3 Ways to make phone calls less scary

So you hate phone calls too? I have been calling people a little bit more than usual and I have to say it is getting less intimidating the more I try it out. I also want to add my phone sucks so I always have technical difficulties. So these tips can work for any kind of phone, just make sure it’s charged!

  1. Answer the phone at your pace. I have a bad habit of answering as soon as I hear it ring. If you get nervous quickly, you probably shouldn’t pick up the phone quickly. Instead, if you are expecting a call, change that person’s ringtone to your current favorite song. That will give you more motivation to let the phone ring a little bit, and will calm your nerves a little bit listening to your favorite tunes.
  2. Call the person unexpectantly during a text message conversation. You are texting a potential new friend and they say something really relatable. Instead of texting them back, call them and say your response instead. It is a surprise method, but you are completely in control of the conversation versus them calling for homework and it getting awkward shortly after.
  3. Don’t answer the phone with “Hello?” It used to baffle me when my mom would get a phone call and instead of saying, “hello?” she would immediately laugh. I asked her how she can laugh so quickly after answering the phone, but it is because the person who calls her knows to immediately start the conversation. My mom doesn’t check in with her friends during the phone call until the middle of their conversation. I used to think it was weird, but it actually is a boost to your convo if you immediately get to talking. You don’t have to ask, “Hey, how’s it going?” so soon. That question can easily turn into an awkward chit chat versus a fun phone call.

Hope those tips helped! I absolutely hate awkward silences and just everything phone calls, but I am slowly progressing. I am really proud of tip #3, but if you have more tips please enlighten me. For more posts like this one let me know.


2 thoughts on “3 Ways to make phone calls less scary

  1. charliesidesku says:

    I like how you made the blog a numbered template. I think that was a really good idea. I seem to always answer the phone right away when someone calls because I am always on it. Another really good blog.


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