How I (try to) reply to texts when I don’t feel like it…

I am going to start by saying…

Text messaging is probably one of my favorite modes of communication. There are so many perks to hiding behind a phone screen in my opinion. I love living in a world where we can type out how we feel versus having to make the awkward phone call or awkwardly knocking on someone’s door. I hear many complaints about missing the good old days when people used to ring the door bell when they were waiting outside, but I love receiving the text that my uber has arrived to be so honest. I do think texting has simplified a lot of hard tasks, but I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing. 

I approach text messages the same way as the knock on the door. Call me old-fashioned but both demand immediate attention. The hope when you knock on someone’s door, is that they will answer the door quickly; the same applies to texts. I unfortunately will respond embarrassingly fast or not quick enough. I think there is this misconception that if you respond too fast, you are desperate; versus if you respond later than expected, you are probably not interested.

If we go back to door knocking, would you be creeped out if someone answers the door as soon as you begin to knock? Would you be frustrated if several hours go by and someone finally acknowledges your note on the doorstep to turn down the loud music? These all vary, but only slightly. Most people deem both to be unusual but how it affects us work in different ways. For example, my constantly immediate responses might not be as annoying as I think, they might be very beneficial to you. However, that person might not be a huge fan of my inconsistent replies. They don’t like the idea of a whole month going by and they are finally hearing from me.

So to make everybody happy, I try to text back as soon as time allows. Some people aren’t understanding that some people are busy or have priorities to tend to first. One thing I try to do when I get a text is immediately respond with when I will be able to text back. Just a simple, “Hey, can’t talk right now! I’ll hit you up after this interview, cool?” lets the person you are texting know you’re busy and where you are. I try to do this as often as I can because you never know the level of emergency a text is. When you state why your inability to text is due to *this* level of emergency, the person texting you can judge whether or not their text is really *that* important.

Another tip for texting back when you don’t feel like it, is be honest. There are people who get it. You aren’t alone, nap-lovers are out there. If the reasoning is a little more serious, decide if the person texting you is even worth texting back. Now let me pause and say this, “Everybody deserves closure.” You never know how much or how little you mean to someone unless that conversation takes place. I do not condone ghosting, but I am a firm believer of self-care. If you are a mess, you are not in the right condition to clean up other people’s mess.

With that being said, be polite! Answer the door when someone is knocking and just text back! If you enjoy posts like this, let me know! I can go on for hours about texts to be quite honest.


One thought on “How I (try to) reply to texts when I don’t feel like it…

  1. charliesidesku says:

    I think saying “everyone deserves closure” is a great way to say it and thats maybe a good title as well. I liked how you also say to people when you are busy that you cannot talk at the moment so they know when you will be able to get back to them. Overall it was really good because a lot of people just take their time to respond back.


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